Public mobile phone chargers for hotels


Don’t let your guests run out of battery on their cell phones!

Running out of battery in the mobile phone while we are travelling, is really a quite unpleasant problem that we all have suffered at some time. Therefore, mobile charging stations are born with the aim of solving this problem and offering the customer a high value-added service.

These are the lockers and chargers for mobiles that we recommend in Hotels:

Mobile phone charging locker with screen in hotels

Charging locker station

Battever Cell Multimedia

A modernand sophisticated design. Equipped with PIN code anti-theft security and compatibility with 95% of mobile phones on the market.

9 individual compartments. Image and video advertising. 42″ LG LCD screen and WiFi.

Locker for charging mobiles in hotels

Charging locker station

Battever Cell-6 Pro

Great capacity to charge up to 6 mobiles at the same time. Equipped with PIN code anti-theft security and compatibility with 95% of mobile phones on the market.

6 individual compartments. 3 in 1 anti-theft cables. PIN code security.

Portable charger for mobile phones in hotels

Portable charger

Battever Six-Pack

Charging station with 6 powerbanks with overload protection This form of portable charging allows the client the free use of their mobile device while moving around the hotel.

Portable charger. 9 cables included for iPhone and Android. Charges up to 6 powerbanks at a time

The charging solution that suits you best

It is not only a service of great added value for the client, moreover:

 We know the importance of trying to meet the needs of customers. In this sense, offering a cargo service is something that the customer values very positively. It’s normal, we use our mobile phone for practically everything and we want to be connected at all times.

Plus, it’s a great way to attract and retain customers!

We are fully immersed in constant technological change that aims to simplify processes and improve the customer’s stay.

Mobile chargers are an ideal tool to take a big step towards integration with useful and cost-effective technology.


Getting closer to your customers through different channels and devices helps to establish new forms of relationship, where communication and brand image are favoured to create long term bonds.

Our charging stations are a great marketing tool, either for those with a screen to play images or videos or for the possibility of vinyling all of them with the logo or corporate image.

Mobile charging lockers in hotels

Do you want to know the prices of the
charging locker stations for hotels?

And… What are the advantages of Battever products?

Our charging stations have a modern and innovative design. But above all, most importantly, we have a wide range of products of different sizes and features that perfectly match the aesthetics and preferences of the site.

We work every day to offer different solutions for possible theft of mobile devices or damage to the product. Our lockers have integrated in each of their compartments, a security lock with a PIN code.

All the USB cables of all our products are protected with an anti-theft system.


All our charging stations are fully customizable with the logo or brand of the hotel or hotel chain. If you wish, we can send you for free a visual artwork with the image you would like to appear.

Contact us and we will be happy to send you a custom design!


Clients Battever


Is there any danger of theft?

For us, the safety of the product and the devices of the guests using the service is paramount.

For this reason, the charging lockers have a built-in security system with a PIN code, so customers’ mobile devices are completely safe.

In addition, the USB charging cables have a built-in anti-theft system.

Will it affect the aesthetics of my hotel?

All lockers and charging stations are fully customizable with the image or logo of the Hotel. In addition to this, with our modern design and innovative technology, you will be taking another step towards the digital transformation.

What if a piece or usb cable breaks?

We are aware of how important it is for the customer to be able to access the free freight service at all times. We are aware of how important it is for the customer to be able to access the free freight service at all times.


We want to hear from you. Contact us and we will inform you about everything you need!

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