Advertising supports for OOH/DOOH

Customizable mobile phone chargers ideal for outdoor advertising campaigns.

These are our products designed to carry out OOH/DOOH campaigns with an integrated value-added service such as mobile charge


Menu holder with mobile phone chargers

Menu holder with mobile phone chargers

Battever Slim

Fixed charging station for mobiles with display

Fixed charging station for mobiles

Battever Gincly

Mobile phone charger with menu card

Mobile phone charger with menu card

Battever Classic


Mobile locker with OOH DOOH screen

Digital Signage Display Totem

Battever Cell Multimedia

Mobile charging station with OOH DOOH display

Fixed mobile charging station with multimedia LCD screen

Battever Wall

Mobile locker with OOH DOOH screen

Totem pole with digital display and mobile phone charging lockers

Battever Mini Cell Multimedia

The benefits of mobile charging service for OOH/DOOH

Improves user experience

Apart from being a great marketing tool for outdoor advertising, offering the cargo service is an excellent way to attract customers.

The time that users stay in place until the battery of their mobile is completely full, becomes a great opportunity to generate a greater impact of the advertising action.


Increases brand recall

It is a reality that, in our daily lives, we are constantly connected to our mobile devices. For this reason, having the battery charged at all times has become as important a need to cover as it is to have a WiFi connection in commercial establishments.

The feeling of gratitude generated by afree mobile charging service leads to an improvement in brand recall and promotes customer loyalty.

Increases ROI

As has been proven,mobile charging stations have a positive effect on sales. The customer’s purchase time and the establishment’s turnover are increased.

There’s an explanation for this: The user, while waiting for the battery to be fully charged, wanders around the shop or charging area and this favours exposure to promotional impacts and advertising actions of the brand.

Mobile locker with OOH DOOH screen

Do you want to know the prices of the mobile chargers for OHH/DOOH?

And… What are the advantages of Battever products?

All our OOH/DOOH and Digital Signage focused products are fully customizable. If you wish, we can send you for free a visual artwork with the logo or image that you would like to appear.

Contact us and we will be happy to send you a custom design!


All our mobile charging stations have a modern and innovative design.

In addition, to provide greater security to the product, they integrate an anti-theft system of the USB cables. The lockers and charging totems have a security system by means of mechanical or electronic locks.


Innovation and security

The installation of our totems, mupis and digital monoliths is quite simple. Just plug the product into a power outlet and it’s ready to use.

It won’t take two minutes of your time!

Plug and play


Clients Battever


How do I control the advertising that appears on the screen? Can it be configured remotely?

Thanks to the integrated operating system (Android OS), you have a multitude of software options with which to carry out your marketing actions in real time.

Is there a charging station rental option?

Of course, we have both purchase and rental options. Contact us and we will inform you of the prices of each option.

What happens if a part or USB cable is damaged?

What happens if a part or USB cable is damaged? You have nothing to worry about. We have an after-sales service and within 24-48 hours we can replace any damaged parts (cables, locks, keys, etc.).


We want to hear from you. Contact us and we will inform you about everything you need!

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