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Public charging stations for telephones

Mobile-phone charging stations for hotels, sports centres, malls, universities, city halls, common areas, and other public spaces.

Public charging stations at…

Sport Centres

Charging stations are becoming popular in the best sports centres because clients demand a service where they can leave their phones charging while they exercise.


It is common that travelers spend most of their day out of the hotel, and after a day taking pictures, using GPS and recording videos, the battery is depleted. Therefore, all guests really value a charging service in the lounge, cafe and other areas of the hotel.

Commercial Centres

Charging stations are already a usual service in malls, not only because of their usefulness, but also for its capacity to be a marketing device, showing ads and promotions through its external customization and screens.

Plataformas de carga universales para múltiples móviles

Are you looking for mobile charging platforms?

Our charging stations are ideal for any sector or business open to the public:



Beauty salons

Common areas

Waiting rooms



City Halls


Bus Stations

Train stations

Metro stations

Cargadores para salas de espera
Cargadores para aeropuertos


Charging lockers

Estaciones de carga de móviles en eventos SEAT

SEAT trusts in Battever’s services at its events. Thousands of people have been able to charge their phone while no longer having to worry about their its remaining battery percentage!

Portable chargers

Cargadores de móviles para Telefónica

As a reference in mobile phones and aware of the problems of low battery, Telefonica also trusts in offering Battever’s services to its customers. With Telefonica no one will run out of battery!

Charging lockers with screen

Estaciones de carga con pantalla para móviles en evento RedBull

With marketing campaigns like this one from Red Bull, attendees of the Les Arts Festival were able to charge their mobile phones and stay connected thanks to our charging lockers. Red Bull gives you wings… and battery!


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