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Phone charging stations for businesses and events

Small portable chargers, chargers with advertising space, secure charging lockers, and charging stations with digital display


Cargadores hostelería


Mobile charging stations for restaurants, bars, and pubs. Choose the charger that best suits your bar/restaurant and offer this service in order to keep your customers happy and maintain customer loyalty.

Cargadores para eventos


Our charging stations for events are ideal for conferences, trade shows, festivals, fairs, etc. Attendees will appreciate being able to charge their mobile phones during your event thanks to our wide variety of charging stations.

Taquillas de carga

Charging lockers

The charging lockers for mobile phones are an ideal option for gyms, hotels, hospitals, waiting rooms, etc. Customers can charge their phones quickly and safely while involved in any other activity.



All charging stations are fully customizable. You can send your own design or use templates we provide.



Our goal is to offer the best service to our customers with high quality chargers and reinforced cables in all models.

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Latest technology

We are constantly evolving and adapting to innovations of the marketplace in order to offer the greatest charging solutions.


Cargador de móviles para bares

Battever Slim

Very easy to use, practical, and lightweight,  and with advertising space. Battever Slim is the perfect charger for bars, restaurants and cafes.

Cargador móvil bar

Battever Dual Tablet

Battever Dual Tablet is ideal for advertising images in a loop. This allows for high impact on customers as they charge their mobile devices.

Taquilla para cargar móviles

Battever Cell 6/12

Allows you to charge 6 or 12 mobile phones simultaneously. Thanks to the security PIN code, phones are completely secure while charging in one of the compartments.

Taquilla para móviles con pantalla

Battever Cell Multimedia

Incorporates Android operating system with WiFi, 42” 16:9 LCD screen to display dynamic advertising, and security system using digital PIN code.

Choose the charging station that best suits your needs


Charging lockers

Taquillas carga eventos

SEAT trusts in Battever’s services at its events. Thousands of people have been able to charge their phone while no longer having to worry about their its remaining battery percentage!

Portable chargers

Cargador móvil ferias

As a reference in mobile phones and aware of the problems of low battery, Telefonica also trusts in offering Battever’s services to its customers. With Telefonica no one will run out of battery!

Charging lockers with screen

Estaciones carga eventos

With marketing campaigns like this one from Red Bull, attendees of the Les Arts Festival were able to charge their mobile phones and stay connected thanks to our charging lockers. Red Bull gives you wings… and battery!


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About us

Battever is a start-up founded in 2015 by young entrepreneurs in order to solve one of the great problems of the modern society: running out of battery.

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