Charging Cabinets for Mobiles, Tablets and Laptops


Cabinets and trolleys to charge and store devices focused on educational centers, factories and offices

Our charging cabinets have a large number of compartments for recharging the battery. It is the perfect solution to have in school classrooms, institutes, libraries or any other type of room that requires the simultaneous charging of a considerable number of devices.

Furniture and charging cabins with safety locks

Charging locker Battever Cell-20

  • The cabinet charge up to 20 devices at a time (10 for the Battever Cell-10 model).
  • It has 4-in-1 USB cables for Android, Iphone and Tablet.
  • It has a Schuko power input in each of the lockers, for laptop recharging.
Charging Cabinets for Mobiles, Tablets and Laptops
Charging Cabinets for Mobiles, Tablets and Laptops

Charging locker Battever Cell-10

Each one of the cells of the charging cabinet has a security system with electronic lock, which offers an impeccable custody and storage of the electronic material. In addition, the cables have an anti-theft reinforcement to prevent them from being stolen without permission.

If desired, the product is fully customizable with the image of the business or establishment, making it an excellent tool for branding.

Charging locker Battever Cabinet

  • Allows simultaneous charging of 15 to 60 laptops (depending on model). Includes one Schuko plug for each compartment.
  • It has wheels and handles for easy transport. In addition, all shelves are adjustable.
  • It integrates a security lock with key for a correct custody of the devices.
  • The cabin is fully customizable with the image of the brand or establishment. Contact us and we will be happy to help you with the design, and if you wish, we can send you visual art for free!
Charging Cabinets for Mobiles, Tablets and Laptops

These are the lockers and chargers for mobiles that we recommend:

Charging locker with screen

Charging locker with screen

Battever Cell Multimedia

Charging locker for smartphones

Charging locker

Battever Cell-6 Pro

Charging locker for smartphones

Charging locker

Battever Cell-12

What are the advantages of our charging furniture?



The charging cabinets have a built-in security system with key lock or mechanical lock.

In addition, all cables are reinforced with an anti-theft system.

Plug and play

The installation is very simple. Just plug the cabinet into a power outlet and it’s ready to use.

Just like that!

After-sales service

For the repositioning of cables or in case of any damage or deteriorated part, we provide an  after-sales servicewithin 24 to 48 hours.

Charging lockers for smartphones

Do you want to know the prices of the charging cabinets?

Our charging cabinets are ideal for…

Educational Centers

It covers the need for simultaneous charging of a large number of electronic devices for classrooms of all sizes.


Excellent solution to provide fast charging of tablets or laptops focused on working environments such as offices or factories.


Clients Battever


Do charging cabinets take up a lot of space?

Our furniture or charging lockers are built with the objective of adjusting to the needs of the client. Therefore, we have different models of the product with different sizes, for a correct adaptation to the different environments.

Can they steal the wires from the lockers?

Not at all, all our cables are reinforced with an anti-theft system.

How long will it take to charge the devices?

This is a fast and safe charge adapted to the maximum that the devices can withstand.


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