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Do you have a company and want to add our charging stations to your portfolio?

By adding Battever products to your portfolio you can provide a solution to one of the great problems of today’s society: not having a battery in your mobile phone.


Low battery solution

We work in a sector that is in full growth and we cover areal need of the day to day of the current society.

New needs: People need to charge their cell phones

Adapting to these needs is vital for the survival of any business.


Easy installation

In just 2 minutes our chargers are installed and ready to start working in any business.



Your customers will have available an extensive catalogue with devices designed for each situation.


We give the possibility to customize our products, achieving greater impact and promotion for the customer.

Mobile charging stations for events and business

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Innovative products

Update your catalogue and satisfy your customers with new mobile charging solutions

High profitability

Provides a highly demanded service that generates brand value and profit


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    About us

    Battever is a startup formed in 2015 by young entrepreneurs with the aim of solving one of the great problems of the new society of the 21st century: low battery.

    National distribution

    Obtain greater benefits by creating a network of distribution of Battever points in your area of operation with exclusivity. It's time to get started with very competitive products.

    International partner

    Our brand is expanding beyond our borders. It is creating a distribution network in new markets, undertaking with an innovative and constantly growing business.